Carol Thornbury was the fiance of Martin Baxter and the mother of Paul Thornbury,

Role in the BooksEdit

Dancing JaxEdit

In Dancing Jax, Carol Thornbury is one of the main protagonists, who works in a hospital in Felixstowe. In Dancing Jax she was about to engage to Martin Baxter, before her son Paul Thornbury got put under the spell of Dancing Jax and ran off to join the Ismus. She become extremely stressed due to the loss of her son, and thus samples the minchet. In the last chapter it is implied that she eventually replaced Shiela Doyle as the Lady Labella.

Freax and RejexEdit

At the end of the second book it is revealed that she took up the mantle of Lady Labella -The High Preistess and has given birth to Martin Baxter's son, whom is under the Ismus' care.