Dancing Jax


Dancing Jax previously Dancing Jacks


Austelly Fellows

Dancing Jax is the book the whole series is based on. It was origanly called Dancing Jacks but was re-named at the end of the first book. 



Beyond the Silvering Sea, within thirteen green, girdling hills, lies the wondrous Kingdom of the Dawn Prince. Yet inside his White Castle, the throne stands empty. For many long years he has been lost in exile and thus the Ismus, his Holy Enchanter, reigns in his stead - till the day of his glorious returning and the restoration of his splendour evermore. Dancing Jax - Chapter 1

Bonded to the Ismus, though by no means his only dalliance, is the fair Labella, the High Priestess. She outranks the other damsels of the court, yea - even the proud queens of the four Under Kings and see how their eyes flash at her when she parades by. Coeval with her are the Harlequin Priests - that silent pair arrayed so bright and yet so grim and grave of face. Let not they point to the dark colours of their motley - dance on and dance by quick, my sprightly love. Dancing Jax - Chapter 2

And so: those rascally Knaves, who set the Court cavorting. How they do behave, it's really worth reporting. The Jill of Hearts, a hungry temptress, she'll steal a kiss from lad and lass. The Jack of Diamonds prefers shinier pleasures, gold and jools are his best treasures. The Jill of Spades is coldly cunning, a secret plot and you're done in. The Jack of Clubs, beasts and fowl adore him, all raise a shout and sing aloud - four Dancing Jacks have entered in!  Dancing Jax - Chapter 3

The Jockey: that tittuping mischief-maker in caramel colours, he who rides all at Court and makes them chase in circles for his impish glee. Not even the Ismus escapes his naughty, wayward pranks. Though they beat him, flail him and lock him in the tower gaol, this toffee-toned trickster always springs back, ripe and ready for more games and wicked japes. Tiptoe by, lest he set his jaunty cap at you and sets your dance a-spinning for his fun. Dancing Jax - Chapter 4  

And when the Dawn Prince was in exile, he sent neither message nor sign back to his Kingdom. So, whilst the Ismus and his subjects waited, they filled their days with merrymaking and happy pleasures. But every party has to end when the revellers grow weary, yet still the throne remained empty and no word came to Mooncaster... O how they longed for tidings. Dancing Jax - Chapter 6



  • It is unknown which order the extracts are actually in as...
  •       like the real world Dancing Jax and its sequals it is told from the narrative of many people
  •       parts of the book are not chaptered 
  •       extracts do not seem to follow on from each other